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Rachel is coming on slowly she enjoys and will happily play around us now instead of running away, she is enjoying her walks and travels well in the car, she will sometimes slip past us, but she just stands now with the use of a hand signal while u put collar back on, 

she is great with others dogs, and has even been camping with us few times, she is loving and great fun,  she just not a dog that will seek out cuddles

Rachel is around 6-7 years old she is coming on so well, she was a stray, for a couple of years she sadly has gone back to to be wild, she has had few litter of pups while being a stray, she loves to play she has been with us from september 2017, she is now speyed and up to date with vaccines, she has stopped to learn humans are all bad. 

she be looking for a quieter home with older people,