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Foxhound Welfare UK 2013 Aims


Trustees of welfare;


Miss J. K. Wallace,

Ms. M. M. Wallace,

Mrs J Munday-dean

Mr A Matthews

Mrs j Gambier



Jackie Wallace, Tyne and Wear.

Phone; 0191 2961761

Mobile; 07985 766216



Our Aims

-To provide a safe place for unwanted and abused Foxhounds and hound types, so they can get the care and attention they require.

- To support and offer advice to new owners of the breed and educate the public on the breeds requirements and what the welfare does.

- To continue to run as a Non-profit group of Volunteers.

- To aid, where possible, with training issues owners may be having with their hounds.

-To Re-educate the rescued Foxhounds, so they become accustomed to life as pets in a family home.

- To seek Veterinary Care for Foxhounds that require it, and to ensure all animals available for re-homing are fit and healthy,

- To Neuter, Microchip and give a booster to all animals in our care, before finding them an understanding forever home.

-To Raise Funds and increase our volunteer numbers, so we can continue our cause in helping in the rehabilitation of unwanted and abused Foxhounds and hound types.

- To find lasting support from Manufactures who also have an interest in dog rescue and rehabilitation.


Long term objectives

the same as the above, with the addition of the following;

- To raise funding to enable us to buy our own plot of land to open a new style of care rehabilitation centre,

-To raise enough funds per year to become a Registered Charity (currently the requirements state that our charity must have funding of over £5000 pa).

-To continue fighting public opinion about the Foxhound breed and raising awareness of what we do.