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Our aims are to;

Rescue abused and unwanted Foxhounds,

  1. To help as much as possible with Foxhound owners problems, Educate people on the needs of the breed and give true and honest advise which may help owners keep their hounds rather then handing in their hounds to Welfare.

  1. To raise funds and support for the work we do, so we can continue to help as many hounds and owners as we do.

  1. All our hounds that are in our care have been accessed with Children, Cats Other animals they have their recall assessed, the are tested with as much as possible and only will be re-homed once a full home check and vet reference is obtained.

  2. All hounds are vaccinated, neutered, and micr-chipped, and have 4 weeks Pet insurance with Pet Plan, All our Hounds get a sack of food that they been fed on in our care,

  1. We will not breed from any Bitch or Stud any male hound that comes into our rescue once vet checked they will be neutered, however the only time we do not Neuter is on the advise of our vet.

  2. All our foster homes are checked and we will take the hound back if hounds aren't being cared for incorrectly, we are open to vet checks and checks from any governing body.

  3. We will offer on going support and training for LIFE,

  4. We always take back our Own hounds if for Any reason they are unable to stay with their family.

A copy of the 2006 Animal Welfare Act  for Dogs can be found by following this lnk.