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About me

me and my two hounds; Photo by Sean Wakefield
me and my two hounds; Photo by Sean Wakefield

Here is a little about me;

My name is Jackie Wallace, I am owned by two border collies and two foxhounds. I have had both breeds for a number of years. I was actually brought back from the hospital with border collies in the house.


My passion for Foxhounds started when I began working at a vet practise. Our head vet would bring hounds in for treatment from our local hunt. I started to look into the breed, finding mixed views on the World Wide Web about having them as “pets”. Not to be put off by this idea, I looked into it further, finding a breeder who shared similar views to myself. I decided to start finding out more about this wonderful active breed.


That was it I was hooked...

Having had collies for years, I understand that not every breed suits every person or family. Given a chance to win over your heart, the Foxhound will become very much a loving and loved family member.


My first hound was an unwanted ten month old black and tan bitch, which I named Penny. She hadn't been given the training time or care she needed. So much so her family decided to leave her out side while they went out, and even managed to run her back end over with their car.

This resulted in Penny needing around 3" of her tail removed when she came to me. This had resulted because the family had taped her tail up with duck tape! She came with a long list of problems which were mainly due to the fact that she had had no training from a early age.

Anyway, now at middle age, Penny has become a fine member of my family and has helped with the rehabilitation of many other hounds.


I planned to set up a rescue and advice service for those people that may need help with their Foxhounds. The breed does have a few common problems, especially when little to no research into the bread has been done before getting one.


This is what this site hopes to help with.


Educate, rescue, re-train, treat and re-home foxhounds.