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Here are some links I think you may find useful;

Bloodhound rescue. Set up by members of both clubs to offer advice and rehome unwanted bloodhounds.

Dog lovers forum website. Support and advice from dog lovers all over the world.

The top Foxhound breeder in the UK. The only kennel to have won and hold champion bloodlines with English bred foxhounds.

List of foxhound rescues/ contacts outside the uk.

My sister site for Foxhound lovers. Information on the breed, show results, pictures of hounds, new friends in the breed and more information on Foxhounds in need.

Our local hunt welfare page.

The Master of Foxhounds Association.

The English Kennel Club. 

Animal rescuers

Directory of animal rescue web sites. Pets and wildlife. Homes wanted, lost pets, jobs, notices etc. Fast loading site. Regularly updated. 
Listing UK Dog Rescue Centres, Cat rescues, Animal Shelters and Sanctuaries.


Cobby Dog 

With Their kindness has agreed to sponser our summer fund day this year they are supplying the ring numbers and prize cards,



lovely art work of which the artist was agreed to work with welfare to raise funds for u byallowing us to sell some of her items at our events and stalls.