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Foxhounds that have been given the second chance of love and life





Chairman was a rescue from 2010. He was in a bad way, with another hound. After nursing him, he started to pull through, now loved as part of a family with a cocker spaniel. Chairman shows that life after hunting is possible. This playful cuddly boy is now spolt rotten :)




Crossword was with us for 2 years. He was one of the most mentally scared hounds i've met. He was so worried by everthing and everyone.

Now look at him. He has now been in his new home for 6 months, but looks like he's always been there.

He is fat as pork pie now and very much loved. x


These three are all rescues and have landed on their feet with the Stacey family, who are true hound lovers. Smitten with the slightly hairy hounds, called welsh or part welsh. The girl on left is latest rescue to join them, all settling in well.

Panic Now Teasle

Panic came from a pound near Wales. She was collected by Greyhound Gap.

Thanks to Lisa and her staff, she was found with another hound. She has now been rehomed with a lovely family and another dog, two cats and even a guinea pig.

Her family have started classes and have reported that they are over the moon so far with how she's in.

Gambit the rescue for the pound inireland.
Gambit the rescue for the pound inireland.

What a lovable foxhound this is!!!!!!!!!
After returning home safely we were quite pleased to find out that our old guys would not make too much fuss about the puppy.

My, how old they looked suddenly! In fact a little later Barag, the male, turned to harass the little one quite nastily and continued to do so today. Gambit, however, completely puppy, although physically he could have blown the old chap away even at his young age, behaved perfectly submissive, which convinces me, that within a couple of days the quarrel will be settled, because Barag will understand that Gambit is not going to challenge him (I'm glad about this, since I sure feel responsible for the old guys).

In the night Gambit was not so convinced that the box would be the ideal sleeping place for him, e.g. he howled for one hour, but then fell asleep. I had the feeling that he would have put up with our bed as well.

This morning, he was still too excited to have his breakfast, so I first went to greet the cats and feed the horses. The old tom cat Joseph, originally brought in for hunting the rats, but secretely arranging cease fire treaties with those, was sitting in the barnyard and greeting the warming sun when we came and…Gambit didn't even notice him from three metres distance (I know British people calculate in armlenghts, ditchwidths or else, but three metres is close for that). Only when the little one, Marie, saw him
from the same distance and rushed away, he felt, that this might be interesting. So he looked for them, while they were eating upstairs in the old farmhouse, but rather with some kind of curiosity than with prey drive. If the cats wouldn't mess it up, what they probably will, he would prefer to have them as playmates rather than for prey.
It was very ok and I think he was the easiest dog I ever handled on the flexi. He enjoyed being called back, petted and given treats. Also, during the walk, Barag did not complain, so we were a perfect family of five. 
The walk was so relaxed that I decided to put hem all in the trunk of the van on the way back which worked out fine, but maybe due to the fact that Gambit managed to come up to the front and conquer the co-driver's seat, which he thinks is perfect for a young foxhound.
Back home, quarrels continued more or less over chewing bones which are by now more or less spread over the house in abundance, but only the one that Gambit chews is of importance.
After this had turned out to be too hard to handle, we went on the second walk in the afternoon and since we had fixed Gambits I.D. tag, we let him off the lead. How beautiful he is running! He roamed about 100m away from us (again, please find out on the internet, how much that approximately is) and always returned on whistle to be petted and receive a treat. So that walk turned out great with regard to obedience and beauty and else.
We then went shopping and took him along, but left him in the car. Because the van wouldn't provide a separation between the dog and the food compartment I rather stayed in the car after the first grocery store while Andrea did the rest of the shopping.
The evening then had an uneventful course, Gambit was sleepy and Barag was snoring, so we found time to write emails and stuff. I called my 87 year old dad and told him we got a new puppy for him to cuddle, when he would come over and do maintanance jobs on our farm and he was very charmed but did not seem to believe that he was the only reason, although he liked the wording.
So, Gambit is the most astounding creature that came to our house so far. He is the only one, who didn't decide at first glance that he loves Andrea and accepts me as a caretaker. We will find out how things develop in the future, but up to now there is no better way for a new puppy to introduce himself to his new home.


Archie came to us because his owner couldn't cope any longer and give him what he needed/ He went to stay with a foster family that was closer to his area, and that's when his life started. He loves to learn, so he's started doggie school. He has a good recall and is great around the family. His family are working hard with some of the problems this young lad has, but they soon fell for his charm. They soon decided to adopt him so that was great news for Archie.

Archie's mum Emma has written the following about her hound. So you don't just think it is my own opinion, I have posted here for you to read;



Welsh Foxhounds

So welsh foxhounds, 'completely unsuitable as a pet', that’s if you ask Jeeves! If you were in my house right now at 8pm you would find one old shepherd asleep under the stairs, the lurcher on the sofa next to a snoring, rather windy welsh foxhound!!!!

I met Archie back in august at this time he was nine months old, he had been taken on by a girl who worked on a city farm in London, she found whilst collecting cattle for her work from Wales. He was locked in a shed one of a unwanted litter . The girl took pity on him and took him back with her, he was riddled with worms, under weight, and not house trained, and on top of this he was a very timid young boy. She soon came to realise that keeping him in London in her flat just wasn’t working and taking him to work was becoming stressful as he could up out of any of the stables or cow sheds he was put in, this was the point she contacted the foxhound welfare group.

So how I did get involved at the end of last year I lost my dog and the ripe old age of 16 which left me with my old shepherd, who now cannot walk that far. I contacted Jackie Wallace after being interested in the breed, but at this point she did not have anything that would suit my mad family (two young boys, the old shepherd and the cats).

In June I had contact with her again after hearing of this boy in London, as I lived in Surrey it was easier for me to go and meet him, and see how many of his issues I could deal with.

We took our new lurcher and the children to meet him, at first he was nervous but with most dog food wins them round and after about half hour he was our best friend, not phased by my boys running round, not phased by my partner touching him, we could see he was something that we could work with.

So about four weeks later once his manhood was dealt with he moved in with us and he has been on the sofa ever since. We started training with him the week after getting him two weeks later he was off lead with better recall then our new lurcher, he comes back, sits and lies down (he can also give paw). He the most gentle dog we have with the kids they have a habit of lying with him and if they get a chance there in his dog be asleep with him.

Now his bad points!!

He can jump! He can also open doors, eats anything left out, he also chews things up (including my bonjovi cds grr!) , so while were out he goes in his dog crate. I have to say these bad points you can get with any breed of dog its up to owners to deal with it because if you keep giving up your just passing the problem on.

Something which is distinctive to the breed is howl (bark), and he does this a lot while he is playing out in the fields chasing our other dog round.

Our main problem is he has a fear of strangers walk down the road can be interesting as when he is on lead he is constantly trying to get away, if the person coming towards us has a dog he is a lot better but someone without is an issue.

So what are we going to do:

The training we have taken him to the parks and had the local runners stop and throw treats for him until he has approached them and taken them from his hands, anyone we see and I feel the tension mounting we stop and he has to sit in front of me (if I can get them to stop and stroke him I do).

This next week were taking him to sit outside out local tescos sounds mad but if I can get him better with people it make road walks a lot safer for me and everyone else.

After Xmas were going to focus some of this jumping into agility.

So after all this my definition of a welsh foxhound is a fun loving dog that likes nothing more then to go on a gruffalo hunt in the woods with the boys!!

Dormouse Now Lilly

Dormouse has landed on her feet after her poor start. She has found her forever home with three other foxhounds. She also has had a name change she is now Lilly.

Lilly is wonderful, she is loving and she has really come out of her shell. She loves her brother and her mum and dad.


Digby has also gone to his hopefully new home. He will be a member of a very busy household and have a massive back garden to play in.

Update and photos to come...


After 18 months with us from Dec 2009 Bellman has found his new loving family. He is a lovely lad who is very much loved in his new home. He has gone up to bonny Scotland, to be a 'Jock dog' as his mum puts it. We are very happy to say that he has now got 8 acres to play in, a pond to swim in and all the cuddles he could ever want.


Branston- has currently been with his new family for 9 weeks. He is doing very well, and after a year with us is enjoying a full fun family life. His parents ride out with the local hunt, and I'm told they can't believe what a fab hound he is. They are used to the hound nature, but love Branston for being the sort of hound he is; a big soft lovable lad.

He adores the kids and lives with three jack russells, four cats, horses, chickens, and even two parrots.

His new best friend is foxy the pup jack russell. As you can see they sleep together and love to be touching one another.

Banker Now Lancer

Banker, now Lancer has settled into his new home very well. I hear from his new family that he is a true gentleman. He is taking time to settle, but has started to trust them. He's continued to improve off the lead, and has made a few new doggy friends at their local park.


I'm so glad he is doing so well and has continued to improve.

I will keep you posted.


Minni now miley

Miley is more settled. She has started to trust the daughter, after the initial strangeness (the daughter doesn't live with the family).
The boys gave her a bath. I'm told afterwards that she was running around the garden like a playful puppy. She has been running, off the lead, with Mick through the woods and has been fine.
So she is doing good. She has even helped baby sit the daughters cats while she was away. She was very good, and even enjoyed the odd cuddle up with the two cats.
I'm so glad that the girl is coming on really well. She was the one who had the biggest trust problems when she came into care.
Way to go Gillian and family. Keep up the good work. x


craven 09
craven 09
I thought I would update you on Craven, the part welsh foxhound.
I have had him since the beginning of March and he is doing fine. He has settled in nicely with my two cats.
He has managed to escape a couple of times, but thankfully I have managed to get him back each time!
We've even had him camping.
He's only been off the lead a couple of times, once he came back ok, the second time he did a runner and went missing for over an hour!So, I'm working very hard on his recall at the moment.
I have a good sized garden so he is getting lots of exercise off lead, and lots of long walks on the lead.

F. Whitaker.


Cravens mum was so taken with the breed that she has gone out and got herself another hound. He is black and tan and from the local shelter. Craven and him are best of friends x


molly 09
molly 09

Meet Molly;

Molly has settled into her new home. She loves being off the lead. She is very social. She loves her food and has a great recall. She's off the lead everyday and this exercise has improved her back end movement.

Molly has started dog school and she loves it. She is doing great and they wouldn't be with out her. Such great news for a big girl who spent so long in kennels. Happy ending.


bradford 09
bradford 09

Meet Bradford; he's a male foxhound aged around two years. He has a fab nature and loves other dogs, but due to his poor past he needed time to settle when around men. He's fine with children and dogs. His new family are lovely, horsey people with a border collie in the household. He's settled in well,
31st  Aug 2009.
I went to see how Bradford was doing. He's settled in well. They are very happy with him and he is fine with their chickens and the sheep. Little Megan greets Bradford lying on her back on the grass, as he's so happy to see her when she gets back from school. They are starting classes after their family holiday. I'm sure all of them will get so much out of the classes.
Hayley sent me a picture of Bradford dated 19th Nov 2009. It looks like he's settled and put a little weight on.



Just thought I'd give you an update on Guthrie.


Settling in well, likes nothing better than to snuggle up beside me on the couch. He just loves to be touched.


Had him off lead in the field - just as well it's secure, as his recall is non-existent.


His sister Lily has shown him how to find rabbits, now he is chasing them. Hasn't caught any so far, so don't know what he would do if he caught one.


He has eventually settled well at play school, where he got a gold star last week for his behaviour.


Everyone he sees, has to stop and pay him attention, there's no trying to pass without giving him a pat - he just loves to meet new people.


He has got one bad habit, and that's pinching my slippers, or the socks from the ironing pile. He takes them to his bed to play with. Could be worse. He will give you them back without any argument. He is a gentle giant. He is wary of loud noises, and doesn't like it if you shout at him - that doesn't happen often, as he looks at you with those huge eyes that just melt your heart - he really is a smasher.