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Super weigh in 

Scout had his weigh in. 


i'm  super proud, 

this boy has gone from 25.6kg being fed human food,  over fed to a muscular tone lad, who dosent sound hes going to have a heart attack, and can run and play with the other hounds, 


Scout is proving to be a typical beagle who has been let down on the training front, 

he is settled with our hounds more has continued to loss weight he has has his vaccines restarted as we have no history for this , he is still high risk from under GA so is not neutered as yet , 

Scout is very guarding of his food and will need a owner willing to work with this , ( we current feed him in a cage out the way of us and other hounds), he has a basic recall and knows sit and paw, 

he travels well in the van and is improving every time walking on lead, 

Scout is a over weight beagle who was a owner hand in, 

he had been with his owner for 3 weeks before being taking to a pound, 

Scout has a basic recall which will need more work, plenty of steady exercise and controlled diet as he is 25kg and should be about 14 kg, sadly he is over weight to the point my vet is worried about given him a general anaesthetic as hes at a high risk. good with dogs ok with people, he knows sit and paw, he really enjoys his food, so training will be good