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Meet Ruffle 

she is a irish harrier how was not been socialised the way a pet puppy would be, she is around a year old, 

she is currently in foster with cats and other hounds, she is coming around slowly, but often has set backs, 

she is not used to feeding from a bowl 

she is ok with cats , and ok with people once she trusts, 

she is neutered and up to date with vacations 

Ruffle is looking for a quieter home with few visitors with another dog for company, 

  • update 
  • Ruffle is settling well with her foster home, her recall has come on very well, she is still sometimes worried when she eats she often walks away from her dish, 
  • she is ok with cats and other dogs. 
  • she is coping better with visitors, she has her own bolt hole for when things get too much her,