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Porcha has been with us a year now and is still looking for a loving home to call her own she was very good Discover dogs in London in Oct, she is good with other dogs and cats and children, she be a idea pet for a family or couple, she is very much a loving and cuddley 

Porcha came away to crufts with us this year she was fabulous and loved seeing everyone she and the other hounds behaved lovely to all the public and the other breeds,


 Porcha is continuing to have her daily message and enjoys it. while I personally went away to bloodhound trails, she when to stay with one of our foster family's, she was not a bit of bother  and only had a couple of toilet issues over the 6 days.


she is very sweet girl looking for a loving family who would be willing to keep up with her daily physical message, she is pain free and as you can see by the photos loves to run about and play with other, her being disabled doesn't stop her

Porcha has been to see Hazel Potter a animal physical therapist, we are on to our 5 day of physo, we are doing exercising we were shown to help strengthen her back and legs, we have to re train her muscles on how to sit and stand normally, along with using vibration and massage 


Porcha loves to run round and we have having to slow her down and get her to use her legs correctly and place her feet normally, 

she is loving the attention and cuddles and tip bits, and is a very good hound during her treatment, 


Meet Porcha 

Born in june last year 2014,

she is from a pack environment she has been puppy walked and never hunted, she is has a small problem which is were the hunt contacted us for help. Porcha has a twisted spine she is not painful and loves to run, even if it is just alittle wobbly but we are assessing a different methods of treatment 

loves people and dogs, loves to run and loves cuddles, 

Porcha has now been neutered she has recovered and is settling into pack life she is not in pain, and loves to run and play with other hounds and chew her toys