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Why doesn’t anyone want me?
I’m fit, healthy and clever too even my foster mum says so, I was unwanted as a puppy sold to whomever, then found myself in the pound,
Then because of my good looks I was homed but to people who just wanted a dog not someone special like me. Not given the care I was needed with the time I found myself in the pound again, here I stayed for a while, being over looked j...ust because…. I was too big, or too young or too full of life, I lost hope a little, then I was homed again, I sold my self the best I could but I didn’t like being alone, so I ended up back at the pound and this time, the humans rang the breed welfare specialist, she came to see me, she was lovely with sweets I showed her I knew how to sit and give paw.
Words were spoken and I has in a van, when the doors opened and I was taken out of the van, I was met be hounds- like were like me, my size up for a game,
This all happened in 2009- now 2014 and my foster mum loves me very much but we both know a forever home is out there somewhere, I’m well looked after but would love to do a job- canix running- my foster mum says would be right up my street, even working as a scent hound for the police, my foster mum tells me I’m here for a bigger purpose,
I wish someone else would see what she sees in me. and is willing to give me a chance to settle as this will take me time i need someone with another dog who is interested in me.
I just don’t understand why nobody wants me!

Chanter is grown into a Handsome lad. he is now 5 years old been looking for his forever home, for 1643 days, is his forever family out there.