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 Now 13mths old we have managed to raise £1000, now we only need to raise £1400 more, Jigsaw is still as playful and loving as ever she is a joy to have off lead. She loves to play with everyone,

great with people cats and other dogs, hous etrained and loves life, still looking for her forever home, she is happy girl who would love someone to cuddle her and play with her and teach her lots of tricks.



Now ten months old We still trying to raise funds for her surgery, She has grown into a lovely fine girl, no longer over weight she is fit and loves to run, her failing eye site doesnt bother her, however its a shame that the funds and a forever home have'nt been found as yet,


we have cat tested her and she has passed with flying colours she is good with other dogs horses and people, she is loving and clean and tells you when she wants out




Jigsaw is a 7 mth old foxhound bitch she was unwanted by her family,

we think because she has started to lose her vision due to immature cataracts and needs surgery to be able to see again,

We are willing to front the bill, which is going to set us back £2400 for the total of haven both eyes done.

She is house trained, pulls on lead, however is very good off lead and enjoys human and K9 Company we have also managed to cat test her. Of which she was more interested in the food then the cat. she is getting used to the cage in the house and travels very well she currently is on a diet as she came in very over weight for a 7mth old puppy,


We have set up a Paypal account for her to help pay for her vision saving surgery any donations are able to be paid into this account,

see link below we are keeping her money raised separte from the other hounds as we have limited funds and dont want the other hounds to go without care and food,  

thank you  

update 28-4-2015

Jigsaw is settled with her long term foster family and she has also helped bring their other dog meg out of her shy shell.

Jigsaw is still interested in the family's cat, but is very much loved.

Our fundraising is doing well, and currently jigsaw is being assessed by a vet every three months on any changes we are covering these costs and other meds she requires. at present we have not set a date for surgery as in the last three months there has been little change we are still offering life long eye treatment payments for Jigsaw. as a long termer we will continue to watch her vision changes very closely.

Big thank you to every one who have continued to support us and help pay

toward jigsaws medication