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As with many rescues, many of our hounds come to us because of their age.

People just don't realise what little gems senior hounds are. They're loving, loyal and cuddly and just want a warm bed, plenty nice food and lots of love.

The older Foxhounds that we get in come from all walks of life. They are my personal favourite. They are so loving and grateful for anything you can give them. It makes sharing life with them extra special.


Matlock went today off to his long term foster home, he has gone to live with Martha and her family, so he can get spoiled and all the cuddles he wants.

he came in Oct 2014 after being starved and left to fend for him self his has gained weight and come out of his shell more,

after a while it became clear Matlock had some underlying issues he was examined but vet and xrays were carried out and it was found that some point is his past Matlock had been hit by a vehicle and had damaged his left elbow and lungs, resulting is a limping and weakness in that front leg and a cough were his lungs were damaged.

on long term pain relief and medication to help open up his air ways more he is very much enjoying cuddles and food, and playing with his friends

he is one of the hounds we have were your sponsorship helps pay for these hounds up keep as we Never put down a hound that we can help/ 

Chanter has been with us for a few years now and will be until he gets a forever home. His care still needs to be paid for.
Chanter will be 5 this year, he has had to have his tail removed due to stressing the tip of it. He is still a big clown, and has loads of fun. He's great with other dogs. No small children and he does need another dog around. Also requires plenty of exercise.
Until the day he's rehomed, he is available to be sponsored.

Nelson has been with long term foster family for couple of months now and for a ex pack hound has settled so well to retirement on the sofa and allowing to enjoy life, he is with Merryman and the familys cat and two children he loves them all and NEVER stops wagging his tail.

nelson is on long term joint care and it has made a big difference to him he runs around on the bench everyday and evern teached himself how to catch fish and crabs from the rock pools .

your sponsorship helps keep Nelson pain free and his future vet bills cared for

Meet spencer hes a old boy who came into our care this year, he is between 7-9 years old he is a loving friendly boy, hes gone off to be a support a family friends children, he is looking forward to having his first christmas in a loving home,